Pro-Ject Bluetooth Box E

High fidelity aptX Bluetooth audio receiver
Bluetooth Box E: Wireless streaming at an absolute bargain price!
Smartphones and tablets offer the possibility to stream music wireless via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth Box E is the cost-effecti­ve solution to use this possibility in your own hifi system. Not only standard SBC codecs are supported, but also audiophile aptX with almost CDquality can be received. Pairing of mobile devices with the Bluetooth Box E is done fast and playback works reliably within a distance up to 10m with direct visibility. Up to 8 different smart­phones and tablets are memorized. Analogue and digital connections to an amplifier or an external D/A converter are provided for ultimate flexibility.

Effective working range:up to 10m (direct visibility)
Bluetooth profile:A2DP
Supported codecs:aptX, SBC
Frequency:2402 ~ 2480 Mhz
Sensitivity:- 84 dBm
Maximum received signal at 0.1% BER:>= -10dBm
Maximum level of intermodulation interference:>= -30dBm
Spurious output level:-156 dBm / Hz
Audio Output Level (nominal):2 Vrms
Frequency response:20 Hz – 20 kHz
Analogue output:RCA Stereo
Digital output:optical S/PDIF (Toslink)
Outboard power supply:9 V/ 300 mA DC; 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz
Standby power consumption:< 1 watts
Power consumption:100 mA/ 9V DC
Dimension W x H x D (D with sockets):120 x 32 x 100mm (106 mm)
Weight:250 g without power supply